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IPID stands for “Immune phenotyping in Immunodeficiency”. IPID is an ESID (European Society for immunodeficiency) authorized internet based open accessible platform which serves scientists and clinicians in the area of phenotyping of immune cells in Immunodeficiency.
The purpose of IPID is to provide the current knowledge on the particular deregulation of the homeostasis of the immune system in specific primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID). In addition IPID will develop standardized staining protocols and provide diagnostic guidelines for phenotyping the various PIDs.
The idea of immune phenotyping has been used for a long time for the classification of PID. Thus SCID was divided in T-B- and T-B+ SCID. In Bruton’s agammaglobulinemia the absence of B cells was an additional hallmark of the disease. Within the last 10 years the combination of several surface markers allowed subtyping human T and B lymphocytes much more precisely. The homeostasis of these lymphocyte subpopulations is regulated fairly tightly in healthy individuals. Changes of this homeostasis have been described in patients with CVID, WAS, ALPS, XLP and many more. New immune phenotypes are developing like the lack of Th17 cells in Hyper IgE syndrome.
The success of IPID therefore will depend on the combined and continuous effort of researchers and clinicians in the field to advance and maintain accurate uptodate information on this platform. Please contact us with your suggestions how to improve IPID.

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